3 Reasons to Have Your Tires Aligned

Tire AlignmentAt Joe’s Service Department, our customers often ask about what they can do to extend the life of their vehicles. Ongoing car maintenance is key, and tire alignment is one of those preventative maintenance items we highly recommend. Here’s why we urge all our customers to have their wheels aligned according to their manufacturer’s recommendations.

1. Reduce tire wear.

When wheels are aligned according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the tires wear more evenly and slowly. Slowing down the wear on your tires means that you can expect a smoother ride; plus, you end up spending less money on replacing tires so often.

2. Avoid steering problems.

Does your car, truck, or SUV seem to pull one way or another as you drive? Have you been wondering what the issue is? This “pulling” effect could be the result of tires that are not aligned properly. Your best bet is to schedule an alignment check before the steering problems worsen.

3. Get rid of the vibrating steering wheel.

Nothing can cause a car owner to panic quite like having a steering wheel that vibrates. You just can’t ignore it—and you don’t want to! Driving your vehicle can be scary when it’s causing you to shake. Proper tire alignment helps your vehicle stay up to specs so you can enjoy a smooth ride with a steering wheel that’s easy to handle.

Don’t skip out on your regular alignment! You may regret it down the road. Instead, contact our mechanics at Joe’s to schedule wheel alignment for your minivan, sedan, SUV, or compact car. At Joe’s, our auto mechanics take great pride in helping you keep your car in top condition. In addition to alignment, we also offer the following repair services:

Call Joe’s today at 317-405-8456 to find out more or to schedule your wheel alignment.


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