Auto Repair & Oil Change Services

Every car has its own personality, but they all share the need for an expert auto mechanic when something goes wrong. At Joe’s Service Department, our auto shop has years of experience providing the Indianapolis area with car maintenance services. Whether your vehicle needs its fluids checked or has some issues with its AC, our professionals will get you back on the road in no time. Contact us today at (317) 405-8456, or stop by our conveniently located shop in Indianapolis, IN, to ask how we can best serve you and your vehicle.

Oil Change

Most know that an oil change is something that needs to be performed on a vehicle every so often (usually 3,000 miles), but few understand oil’s importance in the proper functioning of an engine. As all the components of a car work together in unison, they create an enormous amount of energy, which in turn creates an enormous amount of heat. Oil acts as a lubricant to reduce friction, and regularly changing the oil removes most of the dirt, debris, and particles that can cause your engine to run less efficiently. It’s important to pay attention to your oil levels and have proper oil changes, so come to us, and we’ll perform a speedy oil change. If you continue driving your car without getting regular oil changes, it could lead to costly automotive repairs in the future and decrease the longevity of your vehicle’s life.

Car Tune-Up

Depending on the age, make, and model of a car or truck, an auto tune-up can include anything from carburetor replacements to fluid checking. Our tune-ups typically include topping off fluids, checking and/or replacing the timing belt, changing air and fuel filters, inspecting plugs and wires (and replacing if needed), and running cleaners through the fuel injection system. Car tune-ups do happen in intervals, much like an oil change, and these can also vary depending on your vehicle. Your best bet is to come in for an inspection, where we’ll tell you what needs to be done to get you up and running well.

Brake Repair and Replacement

Of all the components of a vehicle, the brakes are the most important, yet can sometimes be overlooked. Uncertainty with your brakes and pads can create a disaster, so make sure you’ve had reliable brake service. In fact, some statistics show that upward of 5 percent of car accidents are caused by faulty brakes, tires and suspension systems. The first sign of problems usually emanates with screeching when applying pressure to the brake pedal. If left too long, simple brake pad replacement can become an expensive automotive repair. Don’t let it get that far—come to our car shop when you first hear that dreadful screech!

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Tires and Suspension

Both the tires and the suspension system of your car keep you on the road and eliminate excessive bouncing and shaking while driving. Poor quality tires, worn tread, and a failing suspension system can result in a fairly uncomfortable ride, and can damage other parts of your vehicle if left untreated. The rougher the road conditions, the more likely you’ll need work on your tires or suspension in the future, so make sure you’re aware of their condition at all times. Come to Joe’s of Indianapolis and let us inspect both systems for you.

Wheel Alignment

Proper alignment of your wheels can give the tread on your tires months if not years of extra life. By following manufacturer guidelines, we adjust the wheels to match with the proper angle during production. By doing so, you can eliminate the “pulling” of your vehicle on the road and vibration of the steering wheel. In performing a wheel alignment, you ensure yourself a safe and much more comfortable ride. Misaligned tires are one of those hidden problems that so many drivers experience only after the damage is done.

General Maintenance and Engine Repairs

At Joe’s Service Department, our expertise in auto repairs doesn’t stop at oil changes, tune-ups, and standard maintenance. Our Indianapolis auto shop can repair and run tests on many other systems and components, including the replacement of shocks, running of diagnostics, and servicing of engines for many makes and models. If you’ve experienced a problem that has left you without reliable transportation, contact us at (317) 405-8456, and ask how we can help patch you up with our Indianapolis car services. We’ll get your car back on the road!