Brake Service and Repairs

As experts in the automotive field, Joe’s Service Department in Indianapolis understands that of all the components on your vehicle, your brakes are the most important to keep you safe. In fact, some statistics show that upward of 5 percent of car accidents are caused by faulty brakes, tires and suspension systems. While that may seem low statistically, it equates to thousands of minor and major accidents.

Contact Us for a Brake Inspection

If you’ve gone too long without a brake check, or have noticed your car acting up when applying pressure to the pedal, it may be time for you to call Joe’s Service Department at (317) 405-8456. Don’t delay any longer! If you think your repair is urgent, you can visit our convenient location in Indianapolis, IN today.

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Warning Signs of Brake Failure

Fortunately, you’ll notice the telltale signs of needing brake repair before real damage has taken place, as long as you pay attention to them. Typically, you’ll find the following symptoms to be indicative of faulty brakes that may need a professional brake check:

  • Loud, screeching sounds – The very first warning sign that your brake pads are failing can be annoying, but these noises are a clear indicator that you need repairs. As designed, the pads on your vehicle create this noise to warn you that your brakes are about to eat away your pads and get to your rotors. Save time and money on brake rotor replacement by bringing in your car to our Indianapolis repair shop before there’s metal-on-metal damage.
  • Grinding noises when applying pressure to brakes – As mentioned above, once the pads peel away, your brake rotors are in danger of being next. If you’ve just noticed this grinding noise though, it may not be too late to salvage your rotors with a simple brake pad replacement.
  • Shaking when coming to a complete stop – As we head into more “dangerous” territory, this is where you should heed the advice of an expert and bring in your vehicle for a brake check. If you’ve encountered vibrations (light or heavy), you may have a misaligned rotor or pad, or your rotors have failed completely.
  • Braking requires more or less pressure – You’ll likely notice your vehicle takes more or less effort to come to a stop if your brakes get bad enough. The need to apply more or less pressure could be the result of anything from the complete failure of your master cylinder to the loss of brake fluid. Get it checked out immediately.
  • Pulling of your vehicle when applying pressure – Anything from broken calipers to a failing hose can cause your vehicle to pull from one side to the other when braking. You’ll not only feel the vehicle pull, you’ll also feel it in the pedal. Don’t delay getting brake service in this situation.

As your braking system can literally be the first line of defense against a major accident or catastrophe, don’t let these symptoms go untreated for a long period of time without brake repairs. Contact our brake shop at (317) 405-8456 today to schedule your appointment. Additionally, we perform general repairs, alignments, and maintenance in the greater Indianapolis area.