The 4-1-1 on Tire Alignment

You regularly gas up your vehicle and take it in for its regular oil change every 3,000 miles. It’s functioning well—so you may be wondering why your auto mechanic is suggesting tire alignment.


Tire alignment is one of those preventative maintenance things the auto mechanics at Joe’s Service Department recommend in order to keep your vehicle running well longer. However, unlike an oil change, you need to have your tires aligned only once a year.

Here’s why tire alignment is important: Your car’s manufacturer designed your vehicle in a specific way. When an auto mechanic performs tire alignment, he adjusts the position of your wheels so that the vehicle is within the manufacturer’s intended specifications.

Alignment helps many of these common car problems:

  • Tire wear
  • Vehicle “pulling” one way
  • Steering wheel vibration

Additionally, proper tire alignment can help improve your vehicle’s regular gasoline consumption.

If it’s time for your annual tire alignment, contact Joe’s Service Department at 317-405-8456 to schedule an appointment with an auto mechanic. We can even combine the tire alignment with other preventative maintenance in case you’re due for an oil change, tire rotation, or tune-up.

Joe’s Service Department is within easy driving distance for anyone in the Indianapolis area. Our staff is committed to providing Indy residents with professional auto repair and service in a timeframe that fits your schedule. Give us a call, or stop by today!

photo credit: Tire lip via photopin (license)

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