What’s the Big Deal about Auto Tune-Ups?

Just like doctors recommend a yearly well-check to keep you in good health, your auto mechanic suggests an annual car tune-up. This little visit may not seem important, but it really is key to your car’s preventative care.

An annual tune-up from Joe’s Service Department of Indianapolis can help your vehicle stay in good shape and prolong the life of your engine. Additionally, cars that aren’t regularly maintained are often found to get lower gas mileage due to the dirty fuel filters, bad spark plugs, or numerous other small things that can make a big impact.


At Joe’s Service Department, we take great pride in having quality mechanics who take good care of you and your car. At a typical tune-up at our shop, you can expect that our auto mechanics will:

  • Inspect and replace spark plugs
  • Replace your car’s air filter
  • Check and replace brake pads and rotors
  • Rotate the tires
  • Complete an oil change and replace filters
  • Inspect and top off fluids as needed

Based on your car’s mileage, our auto mechanics may also recommend some additional services to keep your car in good working order.

Ward off costly auto repairs as long as possible by taking care of your car now. Contact Joe’s Service Department to schedule a car tune-up by calling 317-405-8456. Our auto-repair shop is conveniently located for all Indianapolis residents, so schedule your car maintenance appointment today!

photo credit: Car Show via photopin (license)

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