Three Tips for Spring Car Care

I’m not sure what it is about springtime, but as the weather gets warmer, people get motivated to get stuff done. If car care is on your spring to-do list, here are a few tips from our auto mechanics at Joe’s Service Department.

1. Wash winter away.

Don’t trust spring rains with the task of washing all that Indiana road salt and dirt off your car. Take some time to hand wash your vehicle, or take it to a professional car wash. Be sure to also take some time to clean the interior or have your car detailed.

2. Get an auto check-up.

If you haven’t had an auto mechanic take a look at your car in the last year, consider bringing your car in to Joe’s Service Department for a tune-up. Our preventative maintenance includes (if needed) inspection and replacement of spark plugs, air filter, brake pads and rotors, fluid levels, as well as an oil change. We will also let you know if larger issues—like brake repair or engine repair—may be in your future.

3. Make sure your vehicle is vacation-ready.

Before you pack up the family minivan to head out on vacation, make sure your vehicle recently had an oil change. You may also want to consider asking your auto mechanic whether it’s time for wheel alignment and tire rotation. Most experts agree these services are needed every 7,500 miles (or every other oil change).

Ready to schedule your spring car maintenance? Contact Joe’s Service Department of Indianapolis at 317-405-8456. From auto tune-ups to brake repair, our auto mechanics can get your car in good shape for the months ahead.

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