Where Can I Store My Wrecked Car in Indianapolis?

Karl Benz invented the first automobile in 1885, and since then, the evolution of the motor vehicle has been outstanding. Even if their cars are defective, many people hold on to them for sentimental purposes, unique decor, or to save money and repair at a later date. When you are ready to restore your automobile, be sure to reach out to the professionals of Indianapolis. To find out more about the exceptional assistance Joe’s Service Department offers, call (317) 405-8456 today!

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Whether you’re a collector, hoarder, or just waiting for the right moment for an engine replacement, you can’t deny that a stationary motor vehicle takes up a lot of space. Even the sight of a defective vehicle can cause problems with neighbors. For this reason, Indiana law restricts the visible storage of “junk vehicles.”

What Is a Junk Vehicle?

In most states, a junk vehicle or salvage vehicle is an automobile that has suffered extensive impairment and would cost more to repair than it is worth. Indiana law defines the term as a car that is three years or older, immobile, and publically visible for over 20 days.

If you are holding on to a car that is deemed a junk vehicle, law enforcement may get involved and remove the automobile from the property.

Where Can I Store My Car?

According to the law, you only have a few places where you can legally store your car. Whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, your options include:

  • At a licensed storage facility. Though they can be expensive, you can store your car at a local facility. This way, you can ensure that your car will be safe and insured should any misfortune occur.
  • Your garage. So long as your vehicle is not in public view, you do not have to worry about the law towing it or issuing any sort of bill.
  • A friend’s garage. What are friends for? Don’t take the chance of angering your neighbors or tangling with law enforcement. Consider paying less and storing your vehicle in the garage of a friend who has extra space.

Even if you exercise proper car maintenance, accidents can still happen. In most cases, if you are not using your car, then it is costing you money. Consider repairing your vehicle as soon as possible. Trust the capable hands of Joe’s Service Department. For information about the services we provide in the Indianapolis area, call (317) 405-8456 or schedule an appointment online.

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