The Most Important Things to Consider when Choosing New Tires

With many brands of tires on the market, it may be confusing to a new car owner which type they need. Remember, the tires on your car are like the shoes on your feet, so you need to look for support, speed, and, most importantly, safety. Joe’s Service Department devotes itself to your safety as we execute all aspects of vehicle care and maintenance in Indianapolis. For professional care, call our mechanics at (317) 405-8456.

The importance of your car’s tires is often overlooked by newer car owners, but knowing when to replace your tires and which type of tires your vehicle needs can be a life-saving decision. In the past, there were methods like the Lincoln penny tread depth test, but now such methods are seen as outdated and inaccurate. Ultimately, responsible car maintenance requires regular tune-ups and check-ins with a licensed individual.

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Weight and Speed

Before even considering brands, you need to make sure that the tires you have can support the weight of your vehicle. Follow the weight requirements suggested by the car’s manufacturer, as carelessly going under the minimum can cause the car to be off balance. When choosing between speeds, it is important to have all of the tires match. Tires that move at different speeds will affect the car’s mobility.


Your lifestyle should also be thought through before making your tire choice. Do you like to drive fast or chill in the slow lane? City drivers may want to prioritize stopping capabilities whereas country road drivers may want to tow a camper and need tires that can handle more weight. States that suffer harsh weather value winter tires over all-season tires, so it all depends on how you live.

Specific types of cars and tire brands offer certain advantages depending on what you want. When purchasing tires, it is important to get advice that you can trust. The mechanics at  Joe’s Service Department are the Indianapolis professionals that you can trust. For any advice on vehicle maintenance, call (317) 405-8456.

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