Top 5 Summer Auto Repair Tips

No one wants their car to break down on the highway, not to mention in this summer heat. Get your car ready for the sweltering summer months with regular car maintenance. At Joe’s Service Department in Indianapolis, we’ve shared our best auto-repair tips for keeping your car running smoothly all season long.

1) Get an Oil Change

Keep your car running properly with frequent oil changes. While for most models you don’t need to change your oil every 3,000 miles, try not to go over 5,000 to 7,000 miles between changes. Forgetting a simple oil change can result in lower gas mileage and reduced car performance.

2) Check Your Coolant

Haven’t checked your coolant levels in a while? If you find that you’re low or out of coolant, it may indicate that there’s a leak in one of your hoses. During the hot summer months, heavy traffic and constant use of the AC cause your car to work harder. Ensure your car can get cooled properly with plenty of coolant there to keep it regulated, and if you suspect a leak, get it checked by a car mechanic.

3) Keep Your Brakes in Mind

Drivers usually go slower in the winter months as a caution due to inclement weather. Greater speeds in the summer mean that it will take more time for cars to come to a complete stop, which can be problematic for those with neglected brakes. Have our car mechanic take a look at your brake pads and rotors to see if you need brake service.

4) Maintain Your Battery

The last winter in Indianapolis may have left your car battery damaged from the cold weather. The heat can also be just as brutal on your battery as the cold. Heat can accelerate the chemical reaction in the battery, causing your battery to become overcharged. At Joe’s, we have auto repair services to help you in case of any ignition system problems with your battery.

5) Don’t Overlook the Tires

There are mainly two things to look out for when reviewing your tires: tread and pressure. Hot temperatures can increase your tire pressure, so double-check your pressure to make sure they’re properly inflated. Tread problems may also indicate that your vehicle needs a tire rotation. At Joe’s, we have tire services to get your car back on track.

Beat the summer heat with a well-maintained vehicle for your work commute and road trips. At Joe’s Service Department, we’re your one-stop shop here in Indianapolis for your auto repair needs. Contact us at (317) 405-8456 today!