Car Maintenance: How We Can Help

Car Tune Up

Having a car brings with it a lot of freedom. You can go pretty much wherever you please, whenever you please. But with this freedom comes new responsibility, mainly the responsibility of properly maintaining your vehicle. When it comes to car maintenance in the Indianapolis area, Joe’s Service Department is your one-stop shop. From basic tune-ups to complete oil changes, our professional technicians do it all. Here’s a quick look at how we can help out with all of your car maintenance needs.

Professional Tune-Ups

Preventive maintenance on a regular basis is critical for keeping your car in top shape and lowering the risk of engine failure. The specifics of a tune-up depend on the year, make, and mileage of your vehicle. Generally, our professional technicians will perform the following to ensure your car is roadworthy:

  • Replacing the air filter
  • Inspecting and replacing spark plugs
  • Inspecting and installing brake pads and tires
  • Rotating the tires
  • Inspecting and replacing fluid levels
  • Changing oil and oil filters

Efficient Oil Change Services

Oil changes are a very common and crucial component of proper car maintenance. Without changing your car’s oil, your engine could grind to a halt. Rather than risk something this serious, leave it to the experienced professionals at Joe’s to get the job done the right way. Here, we’ll perform the following to conduct an oil change on your vehicle:

  • Inspecting and replacing the filter
  • Checking and replacing the fluid levels
  • Fully inspecting your car’s engine
  • Providing both standard and synthetic oil changes

Rather than perform a messy oil change yourself, leave it to the professionals at Joe’s. Doing so will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration!

Get Your Car Serviced Today

For all of your car maintenance needs in the Indianapolis area, Joe’s Service Department is the place to go. Contact us at 317-405-8456 today to schedule a professional tune-up, oil change, or other car maintenance appointment to ensure your vehicle remains roadworthy.

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