Extend the Life of Your Car with Regular Maintenance

The price of everything is going up, and auto vehicles are toward the top of the list. Even used and rental cars recently experienced price hikes. Now, more than ever, it’s important to extend the life of your car with regular maintenance and necessary repairs. At Joe’s Service Department, certified technicians keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe for as long as possible.

Extend the Life of Your Car with Regular Maintenance

Prices Are Going Up

The consumer price index, as reported by the Department of Labor, has increased the most since the economic tailspin of 2008. For example, used car and truck prices have increased 45.2 percent, and auto rentals surged 87.7 percent. For those living paycheck to paycheck, now is not the time to purchase a vehicle. Avoiding maintenance and repairs may seem like it saves you money, but it only pushes your car closer to its end. To avoid this, it’s important to prioritize these maintenance services.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Not changing your oil puts your engine at great risk. You probably know not to avoid oil changes altogether, but you may go far beyond the miles or time. The problem is that your attempt to save money may cost you down the road. Going past your oil’s peak performance means sediment builds and your engine doesn’t function efficiently. Once the engine goes, it’s gone. Do yourself a favor and get regular oil changes to extend the life of your car.

Pay Attention to Your Tires

Unfortunately, you can’t just replace one tire. Some tires are more expensive than others, but four tires often cost more than what most people would like. Additionally, faulty tires can actually be unsafe for you and anyone you transport. To avoid the cost of new tires for as long as possible, keep your tires in good working shape. Here’s how:

  • General wear and tear. Check your tire pressure and tread regularly, especially with changing seasons. Keep the pressure consistent, and notice any differences in worn tread from one side to another. Uneven wear and tear could mean the tires are out of alignment. If that’s the case, schedule a tire alignment.
  • Tire rotation. Make sure you have your tires rotated every 5,000-8,000 miles. This will help avoid uneven wear and tear and extend the life of your car.

Get an Annual Tune-Up

An annual tune-up includes all the maintenance your car needs to keep it safe and functional. It also helps to prevent unnecessary repairs. During a tune-up, the technician will check your fluids, brakes, battery life, fuel filters, spark plugs, and more. The cost of the tune-up and replacement of these items is minor compared to car repairs caused by a lack of regular maintenance.

Extend the Life of Your Car

Joe’s Service Department serves Indianapolis car owners, as well as those in the donut counties. If you maintain your own car, use the tips suggested here. Otherwise, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment by contacting us online or calling (317) 405-8456.