Joe’s Service Department’s Killer Car Stories

Halloween is nearly here, along with its share of spooky stories and all things frightening. Have you ever noticed that cars play significant roles in scary movies and stories? At Joe’s Service Department, we know cars, which is why we make these observations. So, come along for a terrifying ride with us… if you dare. We now present to you the best killer car stories for 2021.

Joe's Service Department's Killer Car Stories for 2021


Arguably the best scary movie of all time that features a frightening car is Stephen King’s Christine. The film featured a 1953 Plymouth Fury, which suited its personality. The car, affectionately named by its owner, developed a mind of its own and became jealous of its owner’s human girlfriend. We all know cars sometimes have minds of their own, quit working, and need repairs. Thankfully, they usually don’t possess their owners or try to run over people on the street. Then again, the movie could have been a futuristic perception of some of today’s self-driving vehicles.

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers is a great scary movie with a disturbingly convincing creature that comes out every few decades to feed on people. Although the creature can fly, it often tools around town in an old, beat-up Chevy delivery truck that hauls the mail. The vehicle pairs well with its demonic driver in terms of creepiness. We’re not sure how this souped-up rusted truck made it through without needing an oil change. We do know to stay clear of any Chevy delivery truck with a “BEATNGU” license plate.

The Hitcher

In terms of spooky car stories, this one is a little different. It’s more about a road trip gone wrong than a creepy car. In the movie The Hitcher, Rutger Hauer plays an evil maniac on a cross-country killing spree. C. Thomas Howell plays the unwitting victim who offers him a ride before realizing his mistake.

The film features lots of murder, a finger in a serving of french fries, high-speed chases, and auto accidents. We won’t tell you what happens to the main characters, but the car could use a tune-up.

Maximum Overdrive

Stephen King, master of horror, gets two spots on our list of scary car stories. In this movie, a comet passes uncomfortably close to the earth. Afterward, machines develop minds of their own and they decide to kill all the humans. One unfortunate group at a truck stop fights to the death against a plethora of 18-wheelers with bad intentions. Emilio Estevez tries to put on the brakes and stop them before their fate is sealed.

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