How Cold Weather Impacts Cars

Admittedly, Indianapolis weather has been relatively balmy so far this season. However, we barely have a toe dipped into winter. The odds are that the cold weather will come, and the impact on your vehicle will arrive with it. Still, if you’ve lived in Indy or a four-season area for any length of time, you know you can protect your car if you’re prepared. In this post, Joe’s Service Department reveals how cold weather impacts cars and what you can do about it.

How Cold Weather Impacts Cars

Dead Batteries

It’s no surprise that car batteries and cold weather don’t go well with one another. The colder the weather, the more the battery cools, making it harder to start. Moreover, the older the battery, the greater the risk of dying. So what’s an Indy car owner to do? If you know your battery needs replacing, purchase a new one and have your trusted auto mechanic install it.

Electric Cars

Traditional cars run on gasoline, while newer cars run on electric batteries. Like older vehicles with batteries, electric cars also fall prey to cold weather. First, it sometimes takes longer to charge the car. But also, electric vehicles don’t hold the charge as long in cold weather. Moreover, less energy means less ability to accelerate, keep the cabin warm, and perform optimally.

More on Electronics

It’s clear cold weather impacts cars, especially when it comes to electronics. Consequently, today’s cars are primarily electronic, whether or not it’s considered an electric car. Gasoline-fueled vehicles often have entertainment systems and electronic dashboard displays. As temperatures dip below freezing, the electronic components usually respond sluggishly. Basically, anything with an LCD screen needs time to warm before it’s fully operational.

Deflated Tires

Cold air makes tires contract and deflate. Continuous tire pressure changes put your tires at risk. Further, running underinflated tires can impact their tread and performance. Don’t end up with a flat tire or wear out good tires. Let your auto mechanic check the tire pressure and consider investing in snow tires for the winter.

Thickening fluids

Cars contain many fluids, such as oil, gas, transmission fluid, and antifreeze. Cold weather impacts cars and their fluids. Take your vehicle in for service before the weather gets colder to address this issue. Ask the mechanic to top off the fluids, change the oil, and ask them about using a lower viscosity oil during winter. In fact, it’s wise to schedule annual maintenance and a tune-up during this time of year to be confident as winter strolls in.

Servicing Cars in All Seasons

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