5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Tires Need Aligned

Wheel and tire maintenance is crucial for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Many of our clients understand the importance of maintaining adequate tire pressure and tread depth. One aspect of wheel maintenance many people forget, however, is wheel alignment is. If you haven’t had your wheels checked lately, call Joe’s Service Department in Indianapolis to schedule an appointment. We recommend scheduling wheel alignment services once per year, or any time you notice any of the five following issues.

5 Signs You Need a Tire Alignment

1. The steering wheel is not centered.

A simple way to test your car’s alignment is to observe the position of the steering wheel when on a flat, level road. When driving on a straightaway, your steering wheel should be centered and straight. If the wheel is off-center, an alignment is in order.

2. The vehicles pulls to one side.

Similarly, when the wheels are out of alignment, you may notice the vehicle pulling to one side. If you feel like the drivability of the vehicle is impaired or you struggle to keep the vehicle driving straight ahead, it’s time to have the alignment checked.

3. Uneven tire wear.

When wheels are properly aligned, tires wear consistently and evenly over time. Alternatively, uneven wear on the tires indicates a problem with the alignment. Our technicians can quickly diagnose the problem by observing your vehicle’s tire wear patterns.

4. Loose handling.

Misaligned wheels makes the vehicle difficult to handle. The car may feel as if it wants to wander around the road. Likewise, the vehicle will feel hard to control on turns. If you notice these issues, get your alignment checked right away.

5. Steering wheel doesn’t correct after turning.

On a properly aligned vehicle, the steering wheel will naturally return to center after completing a turn. If you notice the wheel doesn’t attempt to straighten after turning, the alignment is likely to blame.

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Proper and frequent maintenance is the key to driving a vehicle that lasts, and performing a car alignment is at the top of that list. If you suspect your wheels are misaligned, contact Joe’s Service Department at (317) 405-8456. Our mechanics will check your wheels, tires, and suspension, remedy the issue, and have you on your way in no time.


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