Time for a Tire Rotation? Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs.

Sometimes we ignore the things we depend on the most. You probably don’t give your tires much thought until they become a problem. And that’s a problem! Don’t take for granted the safety that properly aligned, installed, and inflated tires can provide. If you think your tires may need some help, the expert team Joe’s Service Department is at your service!

Warning Signs of Tire Misalignment

Warning Sign Checklist

Everything from road conditions to your driving habits can affect your tires’ condition and ability to keep you and your passengers on the road. If you’ve encountered or noticed any of the following problems with your tires, you may want to consider having us perform a tire rotation or inspection:

  • Cracking on the sidewalls
  • Uneven and excessively worn tread
  • Blisters
  • Tears
  • Frequent leaks
  • Vibrations when moving, even at slow speeds. Vibrations in your steering wheel and throughout your vehicle when moving is a telltale sign that your tires need replaced or, at the very least, aligned.

Tire rotation is important for the upkeep of your vehicle, and to ensure safety on the road. Misaligned tires may eventually cause the car to veer to one side, which could cause an accident if you’re driving at high speeds. It can also affect how the car reacts to braking which is definitely not something you want to be dealing with! You’ll save money in the long haul, avoiding expensive repairs to your car.

Stay Safe with Tire Alignments

With a little proactive work, you can prevent damage to your car and/or prevent accidents from happening. Bring in your vehicle to Joe’s Service Department before it gets worse, and ask about any of our tire balancing services. Located in Indianapolis, Joe’s Service Department is your one-stop-shop for everything from routine oil changes to brake repair. Call us today at (317) 405-8456 to make an appointment for a tire inspection.

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