Choosing the Right Auto Mechanic

Indianapolis residents don’t do their homework when it comes to finding a good auto mechanic—which often comes back to haunt them. Just because a mechanic shows up in a search engine doesn’t mean your car service will be reliable. You want to take a little extra time to do your research and be sure you have an auto mechanic you can trust.

auto mechanic

1. Gather some advice.

First, ask your friends or co-workers for input on a good Indianapolis auto mechanic. Most likely, they’ll be glad to tell you everything they know, and you can glean from their experiences (both good and bad). Pay special attention if more than one person has had similar service from the same auto-repair shop, because it could indicate a trend in service.

2. Do your online research.

There’s nothing wrong with utilizing Internet search engines. In fact, we love them. Many of the customers at Joe’s Service Department come here based on such searches. However, do more than just look at the search results. Actually click into the auto mechanic’s website, and do some browsing. Look at their services, guarantees, credentials, and customer reviews (if applicable).

3. Get a quote.

If prices for car repair or car maintenance aren’t listed on the auto mechanic’s website, call the shop and ask for a quote. The auto mechanic may ask for additional information or schedule you to bring your vehicle into the shop for a consultation. Either way, make sure you get a quote so you know what you’re paying ahead of time. Be wary of any auto mechanic who isn’t upfront about possible costs.

4. Give it a try.

Unless you need emergency car repair, try out the auto mechanic first. Get a basic oil change or tire rotation, and use your experience to gauge the mechanic’s level of service and repair skills. If you’re happy, then go ahead and schedule your car repairs. Otherwise, keep looking.

We’d love to tell you to avoid the hassle of a search and just come to Joe’s Service Department. However, we know that as a consumer you need to feel comfortable where you take your vehicle. We encourage you to put our auto mechanics to the test!

The auto mechanics at Joe’s Service Department have years of experience serving Indianapolis car owners. We offer a wide range of quality car repair and car maintenance services, including wheel alignment, brake repair, auto tune-ups, and more. To find out more about Joe’s Service Department or to schedule a car repair, contact us today at 317-405-8456.

photo credit: Garage via photopin (license)

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