Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter in 8 Simple Steps: Part One

It’s beginning to look and feel like winter here in Indianapolis. That said, when is the last time you brought your car to Joe’s Service Department for routine car maintenance? Vehicles need special attention in the winter to keep them running smoothly and safely through the wind and snow. Don’t wait until it’s too late: get your car ready for winter today in eight simple steps. We will discuss the first four steps today; check back in February for the four remaining steps.


Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

1. Check the Battery

Car batteries have a limited lifespan. Over time, they slowly lose their charge and, unfortunately, the strain of winter often causes them to die. If you suspect your car’s battery is at the end of its life, stop by an auto parts store for a free assessment. Most stores will test your battery for free.

2. Check the Tire Pressure

Air becomes denser in cold temperatures, thereby lowering your tire pressure. Therefore, we recommend checking your tire pressure regularly during the winter. Low pressure causes your tires to wear down more quickly, while simultaneously making the vehicle more difficult to control. A simple tire check could be the difference between a safe commute to work or sliding off the road.

3. Invest in Winter Tires

Similarly, well-inflated tires are only helpful if the tires have sufficient tread. Many of our customers opt for winter tires, which have more aggressive tread to maximize control and traction. Winter tires really do make winter driving safer and easier; they optimize your car’s safety features, i.e., traction control and all-wheel drive, to keep you from sliding and losing control.

4. Have the Brakes Inspected

Winter driving puts a lot of stress on the brakes. We recommend bringing your car into the shop for a brake inspection each fall. If you notice screeching or grinding noises, shaking, pulling of the vehicle to one side, or difficulty stopping when applying the brakes, bring your vehicle in for immediate brake repairs.

Contact Us

When you schedule auto repair service with Joe’s, you can drive away feeling confident that your car is safe and ready for winter. In addition to maintenance and brake service, we also perform a number of general repairs, tire alignment, suspension repair, and much more. To request service, contact us at (317) 405-8456.


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