Post-Winter Car Tips

It’s safe to say that we’ve made it through winter… we think! With one of the roughest winters in decades for the Midwest, our cars need some extra love as we welcome the warm weather. You’ve probably avoided doing several car maintenance tasks due to many days of sub-zero temperatures. Now you have to make up for lost time.

#1: Wash

The salt that was on the roads for the past few months can be damaging to the paint on your car. The first thing you should do is wash your car. If you don’t have supplies, at least run it through a car wash somewhere. However, if you have the resources and time, your best bet is to wash it by hand. Use the soap that is made specifically for cars, and dry it with a soft, natural-fiber cloth. Also, be sure to clean the windows inside and out with glass cleaner. That’s something that you won’t get from running through a car wash!

#2: Clean It Out

Let’s be honest. You’ve probably had a few snacks in the car and forgotten to bring in the trash. Maybe it’s on the floor or in the back seat now. Either way, it’s time to clean it out and feel refreshed as you welcome spring. Grab the hand vacuum, because it’s time to get rid of all the dirt and rocks on your floor mats too.

#3: Auto Maintenance

Several things such as oil, coolant, and washer fluid need to be checked, as you probably haven’t opened the hood of your car in months. It may be time for an oil change or tune up.

After the harsh winter, your tires could be in sub-par condition. Consider having your tires further inspected if any of the following have occurred: cracking on the side-walls, uneven and excessively worn tread, blisters, tears, frequent leaks, and vibrations when moving. It may be time for a tire rotation or tire replacement.

When you need car services in Indianapolis, come to Joe’s Service Department. We can take care of any auto repair or maintenance needs you have this spring. Contact us at 317-405-8456 if you’d like to schedule an appointment for your vehicle’s needs.

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