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Conveniently located along Pendleton Pike on the east side of Indianapolis, Joe’s Service Department focuses on general maintenance and automotive repairs for lightweight cars and trucks. We perform oil changes, car tune-ups, brake repair and replacement, wheel alignment, and several other services. We offer affordable and speedy services to customers in the area. Our professionals are honest and prepared to help assist you with your vehicle woes. To schedule an inspection or receive an estimate, call us at 317-405-8456 today to speak with one of our expert auto mechanics.

Car Maintenance
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Having reliable transportation is important in our society, but sometimes we can take it for granted. Many car owners assume that if their vehicle isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing. This is a misconception, and it can lead to very expensive and complex repairs. Vehicles are as reliant on proper maintenance as humans are, and if we don’t take care of them they’ll fall apart—literally! Coming to Joe’s for an Indianapolis oil change at regular intervals is a great place to start, and we also offer maintenance and tune up services based on your vehicle’s mileage to keep things simple for you.

Car Repair
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Even with proper and frequent maintenance, vehicles always find a way to need repairs somewhere down the line. At Joe’s, we have experience repairing and replacing everything from brake pads to ignition systems, meaning you can rest assured that we’ll get you back on the Indianapolis area roads quickly.

Brake Repair
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Your brakes are what prevent you from crashing into that car in front of you or hitting a scampering squirrel. Surely it’s no surprise that if your brakes are failing, you’re unsafe every time you get behind the wheel. If you’ve noticed any odd noises, smells, or vibrations from your vehicle when applying pressure to the brake pedal, that may be a sign that you’re due for a brake inspection.

Tire Rotation
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Those who know enough about car maintenance understand the importance of tire tread. Often times, tires will wear unevenly due to weight distribution, driving conditions, and weather changes. We recommend that you have your tires rotated each or every other oil change to prevent uneven wearing of the tread. If you aren’t sure if your tire’s tread is too low, perform the standard “penny test” to ensure you’re driving safely.

Wheel Alignment
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The tires of your car keep you level with the road, but the angle in which they are aligned can be overlooked by drivers. Symptoms of misaligned wheels come in the form of car pulling, uneven tread wear on tires, and vibration in the steering wheel. If any of this sounds familiar, you could benefit from a wheel alignment.

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With years of experience in the automotive world, we here at in Indianapolis have a track record for keeping customers satisfied with their car repairs and maintenance services. If you’ve encountered a problem with your vehicle or need a tune up or oil change, contact us at 317-405-8456 to ask how we can help.