Our Top 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Maintenance

Here at Joe’s Service Department, we get a lot of questions about car maintenance. Proper maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your vehicle and avoiding costly repair bills. To help you keep your car in tip top shape, we’ve decided to discuss our top four most frequently asked questions.

Top 4 FAQs about Auto Maintenance

1. How Often Does My Car Need a Tune-Up?

Generally, we recommend scheduling a tune-up for your vehicle once a year. Tune-ups can prolong the life of your engine, keep your car in good shape, and improve gas mileage. If you notice your car is getting lower gas mileage than usual, making strange noises, leaking fluid, or emitting smoke, you should call for a tune-up right away.

2. Do I Really Need to Rotate My Tires?

Yes! Front tires are in charge of turning the vehicle and therefore bear more pressure than rear tires. To account for this increased pressure and to even out tread wear, tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

3. Are Regular Oil Changes Necessary?

Again, yes! Many customers think oil changes are overrated, but low oil levels or dirty oil can lead to big trouble for your engine. Engines create a tremendous amount of heat and friction over time, and oil serves as the lubricant that keep things from overheating and wearing out. If your vehicle is low on oil or running on dirty oil, you will begin to experience:

  • Low fuel economy
  • High emissions
  • Poor engine performance
  • Unnecessary engine wear, especially in the valves

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine how frequently you need to change the oil – the general rule of thumb is every 3,000 miles.

4. Does My Car Need a Tire Alignment?

Along with your annual tune-up, we recommend scheduling an annual tire alignment as well. Over time, your car’s tires can become misaligned, resulting in uneven tire wear, “pulling” of the vehicle, and steering wheel vibration. An annual tire alignment can eliminate these problems and improve your vehicle’s regular gasoline consumption.

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