4 Signs It’s Time to Service Your Brakes

For a lot of us, our cars are our home away from home. Whether we are driving our family members to after-school activities or going to and from work around Indianapolis, it’s important our vehicles run smoothly. The good news is, if we know what to look for, our cars give us clues when they need special service, particularly when the brakes need attention. Below is Joe’s Service Department‘s list of signs it’s time to service your brakes.

Brake service

1. Screeching Sounds

One of the first signs your brakes need service is when you hear a loud screeching or squealing noise. This is intentional and is meant to catch your attention when the pads have reached their wear limit. Calling a professional to replace the brakes this early on will prevent damage to your pads and rotors.

2. Grinding Noise When Braking

A grinding noise presents evidence that your brake pads are probably worn through and the brakes are now directly impacting the rotors. This can cause expensive damage and repair, but if you catch this quickly, there’s a chance there won’t be long-term damage. Pay attention and schedule brake service immediately when this happens.

3. Shaking When Stopping

If you are driving and notice that your vehicle starts to shake when you push the brakes, this can be a sign of rotor failure or misaligned pads. Your safety is important. If you haven’t seen a professional before this point, we suggest giving us a call right away.

4. Need More or Less Pressure to Brake

When you drive a vehicle enough, you know how your brakes should feel when putting pressure on them. If you notice a change in how much pressure you have to use, it could mean your cylinder is broken or you are out of brake fluid. Don’t wait–Hire the pros to service your brakes.

If your vehicle is showing any of the above signs that it needs brake service, contact Joe’s Service Department at (317) 405-8456 today!

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