Top 5 Car-Care Tips

Car Maintenance TipsIt’s one thing to purchase a quality car with great ratings. It’s another thing to keep it that way. Even the best-made vehicles need some preventative maintenance in order to keep them running well and for a long time. At Joe’s Service Department, here are a few car-care tips we offer everyone who comes into our auto repair shop.

1. Keep it clean.

Want to keep your car looking its best? Make sure you regularly clean it inside and out. Allowing dirt or trash to pile up in your car can cause long-term marks (or smells) that you just don’t want. Additionally, by regularly washing the exterior and applying a protective coating, you keep that body looking good and avoid rust and other paint damage.

2. Read your owner’s manual.

Most people refer to the owner’s manual only when they’re having problems (and sometimes not even then). We recommend that you go ahead and peruse the owner’s manual so you know how to best care for your particular make and model.

3. Schedule your regular oil change.

While each vehicle may have slightly different specifications, most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,00o miles. When you start skipping oil changes, your car can’t work as well, putting strain on the engine and other components.

4. Remember your tires.

Your car’s tires go through a lot. Every gravel road, trip to Grandma’s house, and curb hit take their toll. To keep your tires in peak condition for as long as possible, be sure to get regular tire rotation and wheel alignment. Not only will these services help minimize tire wear, but they will also make your ride much smoother.

5. Don’t skip the annual tune-up.

Many people don’t opt for the annual tune-up because they don’t want to spend the money if their cars seem to be running well. However, you care will only run well for so long without replacing spark plugs, keeping tires rotated, maintaining brake pads, and so on. Because a tune-up at Joe’s Service Department includes an oil change, tire rotation, and more, you can plan your car care around this once-a-year visit.

For all your car maintenance needs, contact Joe’s Service Department today at 317-405-8456. We’ll partner with you to help keep your car in great condition for years to come.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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