Indianapolis Car Mechanic Tips: Winter Driving

Even a short drive to the grocery store can be dangerous in any season. In winter, however, the chances of getting into an unfortunate accident increase drastically. With unpredictable weather (and motorists) populating ice-covered roads, it’s important to brush up on your winter driving techniques. In today’s edition of Indianapolis Car Mechanic Tips, we’ll discuss how to properly navigate the winter wonderland.

Below are some helpful tips for winter driving from the automotive minds of Joe’s Service Department – the name to trust when you need an expert Indianapolis car mechanic.

Plan Ahead: If you want to avoid surprise car repairs, it’s important to know the weather conditions you’ll be driving into. The last thing you want when driving in winter is a surprise snowstorm. Getting stranded on the side of the road isn’t just inconvenient for your travel plans; it could also put your life in serious jeopardy.

Safety First: Want to keep you and your car safe all winter long? Check out these quick tips for car (and driver) safety when driving in wintery conditions:

• If you must warm up your car before work, don’t keep it running in an enclosed space like the garage. If you let your car idle in the garage for too long, you’ll drastically increase carbon monoxide levels in the enclosed area, which could be potentially fatal.

• Cruise control should never be used on icy roads.

• Always store a winter emergency kit in your car.

• Keep tires properly inflated and fluids at appropriate levels.

Driving: Winter presents its own array of difficulties for drivers. Here are some other quick tips to help you survive the winter driving season:

• Don’t make unnecessary trips when weather turns ugly. If an errand or date can be rescheduled – reschedule. Don’t risk your life for a bottle of detergent or cup of coffee.

• Don’t try parking or stopping on a steep incline. You may find yourself in a precarious situation, speeding backwards down an icy hill.

• Accelerating or decelerating too quickly can produce fatal consequences. Lay off the lead foot when traveling in snowy terrain, and take your time. Getting to your destination a couple minutes early isn’t worth losing your car, or more importantly, your life.

At Joe’s Service Department, your go-to Indianapolis car mechanic, we have the technical skills and years of experience to keep your car running at its best. From auto repair to our maintenance services like oil changes and tune-ups, we will ensure your vehicle gets the dedicated care it deserves. Contact us today at 317-405-8456, and see what Joe’s Service Department can do for you and your car.

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